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Rigged Premium Rates in Ohio’s Workers’ Compensation System Were Illegally Covered Up for Years

By putting in special fixes for employers who complained to legislators or threatened to contact the media about outrageous and sometimes ruinous increases in their workers’ compensation insurance premiums, the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation allowed the illegal rip-off to continue for years. Special interests in the workers’ compensation field were thereby enormously and unlawfully enriched. This article is part 2 of a 2-part series originally published in The Columbus Free Press.

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Successful Lawsuit Exposes Bureaucrats and Lobbyists Betraying Employers in Ohio’s Workers’ Compensation System

A successful class-action lawsuit revealed serious corruption in Ohio’s monopolistic workers’ compensation system. Special interests made huge sums from rigged premium rates for over 15 years, while tens of thousands of employers were financially destroyed or devastated by the wrongdoing. This article is part 1 of a 2-part series originally published in The Columbus Free Press.

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All Sides of the Story Needed in Judging Sexual- Harassment Complaints

After two employees filed sexual-harassment complaints against a manager in the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, a flawed internal-investigation report and unfair media coverage led to Attorney General Marc Dann’s resignation from office. This matter shows that in judging sexual-harassment complaints, the full story needs to be examined, and not just the charges that anyone could make up. This article was first published by The Columbus Free Press.

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Ohioans Should Care About Strip Clubs

Regarding a proposed statewide referendum on a new law restricting adult businesses, some persons have downplayed the issue by saying Ohioans don’t care about strip clubs. While that may generally be true, the referendum involves others matters that Ohioans should care deeply about. This article was printed in several Ohio newspapers in September 2007.

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Leave Consenting Adults Alone

The groups seeking to ban gay marriages and civil unions – and otherwise trying to restrict the freedom of consenting adults – fail to understand what liberty is all about. As long as people don’t harm the person or property of another, they should be free to pursue their happiness in whatever ways they choose.

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Revenge Has No Place in the Justice System

Supporters of capital punishment often argue that death-penalty opponents would change their tune if a family member became a murder victim. Their claim is disproved by the example of Coretta Scott King, widow of Martin Luther King Jr., and many other relatives of murder victims.

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