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Columbus Adopts Horrible Campaign Contribution Limit Despite Citizen Outrage

After a second public hearing where citizens again strongly opposed the amount as way too high, Columbus City Council unanimously enacted a $12,707.79 annual limit on contributions to candidates for city offices. The fraudulent limit is useless for reducing the wealthy’s excessive influence on Columbus elections. This article was first published by The Columbus Free Press.

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Ohio Dem Leaders Hypocritical on Campaign Disclosure (Republicans too protect culture of corruption)

To remedy a broken campaign finance system, the 2016 Democratic Party Platform advocates a number of reforms, including ending “secret, unaccountable money in politics by requiring . . . significantly more disclosure and transparency.” In recent years, however, information has come out indicating Ohio Democratic leaders at the state level and in Columbus have acted to conceal sources of campaign funds. And Ohio Republican leaders have been no better on the problem of hidden donors. This article was first published by The Columbus Free Press.

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Ohio Inspector General Resists Investigating Massive Rigging of Workers’ Compensation Premium Rates

The Ohio Inspector General is refusing to investigate outrageous illegalities and unfairness in the setting of employer premiums in Ohio’s workers’ compensation system. A recent court case showed that the wrongdoing went on for over 15 years and forced many thousands of employers out of business. This situation is further proof that the Ohio Inspector General’s Office is in ineffective at responding to high-level corruption in Ohio’s state government.

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