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Columbus City Officials Hypocritical About Public-Access TV

Despite having millions of dollars of surplus funds, Columbus city officials are refusing to restore public-access TV, which they say has become unnecessary because people can communicate by the Internet. But their own acts show they don’t really believe the argument they are making. This article was first published by The Columbus Free Press.

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Should Humanists Avoid the Word “Atheist”?

Because Humanists often use the word “atheist” in a sense that the public misunderstands, and because the commonly understood meaning of the word has negative connotations, a Humanist marketing campaign might do better by avoiding the term.

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Sports Doesn’t Always Build the Right Character

Organized sports is often promoted as a character-building activity for young people. But based on a civil trial held in 2003 between two former Ohio State University football players, questions arose about the type of character being built.

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