Exploring Humanism in Columbus, OH, Together

In times of crises and moments of extreme stress, two questions often come to mind: how do I feel better, and what should I do about the situation? These can be as personal as how you take your next steps, and as grand as how you think the world and its governments should operate. What you believe in these times matters, and the twin polestars of reason and compassion can help you stay optimistic — even when things seem out of control.

These two qualities are the core foundations of humanism in Columbus, OH, and around the world. At Humanism By Joe, you’ll find information about this way of looking at the world, as well as explorations of my personal experience and favorite quotes from the humanist community. It’s not all about me, though. I hope to share a human-centric way of thinking with others, and in turn, to learn from them so that we can work together to build a better world.

The Human Spirit

Relentless optimism, togetherness, and transcendent learning are all often associated with spiritual and religious practices. Humanist beliefs, though, don’t focus on the whims and will of ephemeral beings. Instead, it deals with what we already know is valuable: the things that impact our family, friends, community, and planet. Discover the difference this philosophy can make in your life by exploring this site, or reach out to me for more information and discussion.

Here you will find some of the views that Humanism has led me to, as well as some of my favorite humanistic quotes from others. My wish is that you will obtain something of value to take with you. And whether your own beliefs lead you to conclusions that are the same as or different from mine, I hope you always follow the humanistic polestar of Reason and Compassion.

- Joseph C. Sommer

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