A Brief Summary of Why the Bible Is Unreliable

A Humanist Response to Proposed Infanticide

A Humanistic Damning of the Doctrine of Hell

Abraham Lincolns Humanistic Religious Beliefs

Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Is a Recipe for Disaster

All Sides of the Story Needed in Judging Sexual- Harassment Complaints

At-Large City Council Elections and the Suppression of Free Speech in Columbus

Attorney Fee Ripoffs

Ban Corporal Punishment

Bible Is Not a Moral Guide for Sexual Behavior

Biblical Opposition to Knowledge

Bushs Faith-Based Initiatives Violate Religious Freedom

Catholic Sex

Censoring Pornography Is Counterproductive

Censorship Was the Real Reason Columbus City Officials Ended Public Access TV

Christianity and Women

Christianitys Social Harms

Clerical Celibacy and Pedophile Priests

Columbus Adopts Horrible Campaign Contribution Limit Despite Citizen Outrage

Columbus City Council Challengers Want to Restore Public Access TV

Columbus City Council Deceived Citizens About Public Access TV

Columbus City Council Falls Short in Reforming Marijuana Penalties

Columbus City Officials Hypocritical About Public-Access TV

Corporal Punishment of Children Is Harmful

Corporate News Media’s Dereliction of Duty

Dark Side of the Puritan Ethic

Dont Do What Jesus Would Do!

Dont Knock the Nudists

End Times Are Not Near

Extreme Economic Inequality Harms the U.S.

Fallacy of Evaluating Politicians by Their Religion

Five Supreme Thieves Stole the 2000 Presidential Election

Fraud of Faith Healing

Fundamentalist Fervor Increases Child Abuse

Governments Corruption of Religion

Hitlers Christianity

Homosexuality, Christianity and Humanism

Human Effort Rather than Religion Needed to Oppose Terrorism

Humanist Ethics vs. Biblical Ethics

Humanist Family Values

Humanistic Global Economy Needed

Impeachment of Bill Clinton

Jesse Venturas Humanistic Comments on Religion

Juan Williams’ Book Muzzled Supports Need for Public-Access TV

Judging the Judges

Leave Consenting Adults Alone

Legalize Prostitution

Liberty and Involuntary Servitude Cannot Coexist

Loyalty: Good and Bad Kinds

Many Nonbelievers Support Bible Reading

Meaning of Establishment of Religion in the First Amendment

Morality Without Religion

More Focus Needed on Academics than on Athletics

Nasty Porn, Friendly Porn, and Antisocial Behavior

Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray Mishandled Settlement of Bogus Sexual-Harassment Complaint

Ohio Dem Leaders Hypocritical on Campaign Disclosure (Republicans too protect culture of corruption)

Ohio Inspector General Didnt Investigate Complaint on Church-State Separation and Other Complaints

Ohio Inspector General Resists Investigating Massive Rigging of Workers Compensation Premium Rates

Ohio Legislators Shaft Patients Rights to Medical Records

Ohio Must Stop Restricting Liberty

Ohio Officials Allow Injustice at Industrial Commission

Ohio Officials Used a Flawed Investigation Report to Force Attorney General Marc Dann from Office

Ohio Officials Wrongfully Drove Attorney General Marc Dann from Office

Ohioans Should Care About Strip Clubs

Ohio’s Democratic Leaders Spurn Their Party’s Traditional Values

Ohio’s Economy Is Harmed by Intolerance

Ohio’s Theocrats Continue Their Dishonest Anti-Sex Crusade

Pat Robertsons Defective Hotline to God

Photos Are More Evidence That Attorney General Woman’s Sexual-Harassment Complaint Was Bogus

Pledge of Allegiance Should Not Be to a Nation Under God

Political Involvement Needed to Prevent Tyranny

Political Speech and the Churches

Porn: Its Not Just for Men Anymore

Posting the Ten Commandments on Public Buildings

Presidents Adams and the Religious Right

Promise Keepers: The Religious Rights Trojan Horse

Protect Pornography to Protect Free Speech

Public-Access TV Needed More than Ever

Purposes of a Local Humanist Chapter

Racism Isnt Over by a Lott

Religion, Nontheism and Unethical Behavior

Revenge Has No Place in the Justice System

Rigged Premium Rates in Ohios Workers Compensation System Were Illegally Covered Up for Years

Scapegoating: An Old Religious Excuse for Persecution

School Prayer Has Always Been Divisive

Science Classes Should Not Teach Creationis

Secular Foundation of the U.S. Government

Sex Industry Benefits Society

Should Humanists Avoid the Word “Atheist”?

Slut-Bashing Is Sexual Harassment

Social Environment Contributes to Crime

Some Adverse Effects of the Death Penalty in History

Some Reasons Why Humanists Reject the Bible

Some Violent and Heartless Results of Believing in Hell

Sports Doesnt Always Build the Right Character

Study Violent Offenders Instead of Executing Them

Successful Lawsuit Exposes Bureaucrats and Lobbyists Betraying Employers in Ohios Workers Compensation System

Terrorism and Other Harms of Believing in an Afterlife

Terrorists Want Sex Businesses Closed

Thomas Jeffersons Knowledge of the First Amendment

Touch Deprivation and Violent Behavior

Violence and the Biblical God

Virtues of Masturbation

Warning: Billy Grahams Teachings May Be Hazardous to Your Health

Where There’s a Will There’s a Way to Invalidly Defend Bush v. Gore

Why Minority Views Must Be Protected