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Bible Is Not a Moral Guide for Sexual Behavior

Some Christian groups want their “Judeo-Christian values” written into law, especially in regard to sex. But the Bible contains many ignorant and harmful teachings about sex. As a result, an unquestioning reliance on the book is a mistaken and dangerous way to obtain a sexual morality.

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Terrorists Want Sex Businesses Closed

As introduced in the Ohio General Assembly, House Bill 469 would effectively put showbars, adult bookstores, and other adult-entertainment establishments out of business. This bill makes Ohio appear to have a chapter of the Taliban operating in its House of Representatives.

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Sex Industry Benefits Society

Attempts are sometimes made to close businesses involved in the sex industry. Those establishments serve important needs and should be allowed to operate in a free society.

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Virtues of Masturbation

Dr. Joycelyn Elders was fired from the position of U.S. Surgeon General for advocating that children be taught about masturbation. Contrary to what Elders’ right-wing critics allege, she was entirely correct.

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Catholic Sex

Father Andrew Greeley says surveys reveal that Catholics have sex more often, are more playful in their sex lives, and enjoy sex more than non-Catholic. If those surveys are correct, they reveal widespread hypocrisy among Catholics and a failure of the Church’s “moral” teachings to influence most of them.

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Don’t Knock the Nudists

A political candidate attacked his opponent for accepting support from a lobbyist who represents the American Association for Nude Recreation. But nudism can be beneficial to the health of some people.

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