Welcome to my website of Humanism.

Here you will find some of the views that Humanism has led me to, as well as some of my favorite humanistic quotes from others. My wish is that you will obtain something of value to take with you. And whether your own beliefs lead you to conclusions that are the same as or different from mine, I hope you always follow the humanistic polestar of Reason and Compassion.

- Joseph C. Sommer

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  • Ohio Inspector General Resists Investigating Massive Rigging of Workers’ Compensation Premium Rates

    The Ohio Inspector General is refusing to investigate outrageous illegalities and unfairness in the setting of employer premiums in Ohio's workers' compensation system. A recent court case showed that the wrongdoing went on for over 15 years and forced many thousands of employers out of business. This situation is further proof that the Ohio Inspector General's Office is in ineffective at responding to high-level corruption in Ohio's state government.